[WIP] ASCII MOBA Game for the terminal and the web. Uses the Minigene Engine.
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2020-09-08 16:12Added hero teleportationJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+51-7
2020-08-24 20:35test hookJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)0+0-0
2020-08-24 20:35test hookJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)0+0-0
2020-08-24 20:34test hookJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)0+0-0
2020-08-22 19:53Integrate skill cooldowns. Add AOE action.Joël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+37-14
2020-08-22 18:08Integrated skills and effectors. Added related systems.Joël Lupien (Jojolepro)2+78-35
2020-08-18 20:04Remove unused codeJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+0-35
2020-08-18 20:03rustfmtJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+17-3
2020-08-18 20:03integrate mini_frameJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+28-3
2020-08-16 09:15Rename creep ai system to simple movementJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+21-7
2020-08-15 14:15rustfmtJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+12-6
2020-08-15 14:15Fixed crash from missing stat definitionJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+36-22
2020-08-15 12:24Switch triple damage to double damage. Create update enemies around system.Joël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+35-7
2020-08-15 12:12fix compilationJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+12-2
2020-08-15 10:38rustfmtJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+1-4
2020-08-15 10:38Add skill definitionsJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)2+214-52
2020-08-10 14:43rustfmtJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+61-39
2020-08-10 14:43most code for tower explosive projectilesJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+66-13
2020-08-10 10:09rustfmtJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+48-29
2020-08-10 10:09Move back to symmetric gameplay.Joël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+1-2
2020-08-10 10:08tower AI. creep proximity attack. statset fixes.Joël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+106-5
2020-07-31 12:10rustfmtJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+21-8
2020-07-31 12:10fixed map layout. fixed inverted teams.Joël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+8-13
2020-07-31 12:04Added system to target closest enemyJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+49-7
2020-07-29 15:08rustfmtJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+30-13
2020-07-29 15:05runs on wasmJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)6+50-61
2020-07-25 18:31remove old previewJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+0-0
2020-07-25 17:41Prototype screenshot & videoErlend Sogge Heggen3+4-2
2020-07-25 17:27Update README.mdErlend Sogge Heggen1+26-5
2020-07-25 16:31Position all elements on the map. Various changes. Added preview video.Joël Lupien (Jojolepro)2+148-83
2020-07-25 15:28Implement dynamic map size and barracksJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+57-3
2020-07-24 18:44change character back to #Joël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+50-50
2020-07-24 18:38Try to make wasm workJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)9+696-197
2020-07-21 15:53Remove debug messagesJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)2+145-93
2020-07-21 15:50rustfmtJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+21-14
2020-07-21 15:49Fixed input driver. Fixed speed multiplier. Cleaned up Cargo.toml.Joël Lupien (Jojolepro)3+17-129
2020-07-21 15:20added speed toggle. added input driver. updated dependenciesJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)3+192-43
2020-07-21 13:24Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/erlend-sh-patch-2'Joël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+0-0
2020-07-17 23:06Create README.mdErlend Sogge Heggen1+27-0
2020-07-17 21:47rustfmtJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+147-92
2020-07-17 16:21replace init by mini_initJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+11-14
2020-07-17 15:44Moved code to external game engineJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)3+41-359
2020-07-16 00:13Add licenseJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+55-0
2020-07-16 00:11Minor changesJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+12-1
2020-07-07 10:16Stats integrationJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)3+36-9
2020-07-07 07:35initJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)8+3094-0