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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,8 +1,75 @@ # musescore-downloader +**English** | [简体中文](#musescore-downloader-1) + +> download sheet music from for free, no login or Musescore Pro required + +**Star this project on [Github](** +**Rate this on [Greasy Fork](** + +![](screenshot.png) + +## About + +Musescore Pro ($6.99/mo) is required to download sheet music from recently. (However, a few months ago, it was free to download.) + +The Musescore company said that this is about copyright and licensing. They must pay to the copyright owners. + +Many musics on are already in the **Public Domain**, that means either the author posted them in Public Domain, or the author has been dead for over 70 years. +Do they need to pay to those composers who died hundreds of years ago? +*Update: sheets in Public Domain are able to be downloaded without Musescore Pro now, but we still need an account to access them.* + +Also, there are many sheet music authors on who created their own songs and posted them under [CC-BY-**NC** (Creative Commons Attribution-**NonCommercial**) License]( +Is it illegal that they sell them for **profit**? +*Note: Putting ads (to sell Musescore Pro) on the website also means to generate revenue.* + +This is absolutely not acceptable, and the only purpose is to profit from stealing. + +There is an article on their website: [Score download becomes a part of the Pro subscription]( + +## Installation + +This script is available as a [Userscript]( To use this Userscript, you need to first install a [user script manager](, like Tampermonkey. + +Install from [Greasy Fork]( + +View this project on [Github]( + +This repo is also available on IPFS to avoid DMCA takedown. + +## Feedback + +[Github Issues]( + +## License + +MIT + +## About DMCA + +To the Musescore company: +If you want to DMCA take down this repo, +Could you imagine that your website is taken down because you disobey the principles of Public Domain and Creative Commons? + +PS: There is no problem that you get money by doing piano tutorials. + +PPS: Thank you for your [react-native-musescore]( project. + +--- + +# musescore-downloader + +[English](#musescore-downloader) | **简体中文** +*中英文版本项目 README 分开撰写,中文版较不完整。如果有能力,请阅读英文版。* + > 免登录、免 Musescore Pro,下载 上的曲谱 +**在 [Github]( 上给项目打星** +**在 [Greasy Fork]( 上给项目评分** + +![](screenshot.png) + ## 关于 在 上下载曲谱需要支付 Musescore Pro 了, @@ -13,9 +80,11 @@ ## 安装、更新、讨论 -[Greasy Fork]( +脚本以 [Userscript]( 的形式提供,需要事先安装一个 [用户脚本管理器](,例如 Tampermonkey + +在 [Greasy Fork]( 上查看、安装 -[Github]( +在 [Github]( 上查看、讨论、更新 ## License diff --git a/package.json b/package.json @@ -1,7 +1,7 @@ { "name": "musescore-downloader", "version": "0.1.6", - "description": "免登录、免 Musescore Pro,下载 上的曲谱", + "description": "download sheet music from for free, no login or Musescore Pro required | 免登录、免 Musescore Pro,免费下载 上的曲谱", "main": "dist/main.js", "repository": { "type": "git", diff --git a/screenshot.png b/screenshot.png Binary files differ.