[Done] Ludum Dare 42 Game. Made with the Amethyst Engine.
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2018-08-13 21:34Copy level 1 to 2 and 3Azriel Hoh2+224-0
2018-08-13 21:31updated level iconspimmoeskops4+0-0
2018-08-13 21:25add Transparent to player.Azriel Hoh1+1-0
2018-08-13 21:25Merge branch 'master' of
2018-08-13 21:08Merge branch 'master' of
2018-08-13 20:51Updated level iconspimmoeskops2+0-0
2018-08-13 20:43Speed up falling animation.Azriel Hoh1+22-21
2018-08-13 20:38Prevent crash when loading level 2 or level 3.Azriel Hoh4+474-86
2018-08-13 20:38Too soonThéo Degioanni1+2-2
2018-08-13 20:33Merge branch 'master' oféo Degioanni3+255-17
2018-08-13 20:33Expanded the first mapThéo Degioanni1+112-0
2018-08-13 20:13hopefully fix outta boundJojolepro1+1-3
2018-08-13 20:09last bit of code for falling animationJojolepro1+5-1
2018-08-13 20:04Merge branch 'master' of
2018-08-13 20:04spritesheet partialJojolepro2+17-0
2018-08-13 19:30Fixed set spritesheet at wrong locationJojolepro1+2-2
2018-08-13 19:22Merge branch 'master' of
2018-08-13 19:22Player animations partialJojolepro7+134-17
2018-08-13 17:25Merge branch 'master' of
2018-08-13 17:25Fixed left beatpoint transforming into upJojolepro2+8-6
2018-08-13 17:03Fixed player starting to move earlyJojolepro1+3-1
2018-08-13 17:00Fixed player moving earlyJojolepro1+1-1
2018-08-13 16:57Make the score menu workThéo Degioanni1+5-5
2018-08-13 16:41beatpoint animationJojolepro8+254-47
2018-08-13 11:26Move the camera back into map boundary if it's too far out.Azriel Hoh1+10-3
2018-08-13 11:08Always set the player sprite sheet to 101Azriel Hoh1+5-5
2018-08-13 11:04Corrected player prefab for jump sprite sheet.Azriel Hoh1+32-45
2018-08-13 11:01Attempt at restarting audio on re-entering the game.Azriel Hoh1+8-0
2018-08-13 10:05Use 1.0 for time_to_node_mult.Azriel Hoh1+1-1
2018-08-13 10:00Use the calculated new_pos for player translation.Azriel Hoh1+2-0
2018-08-13 09:52Rustfmt on player_movement system.Azriel Hoh1+37-20
2018-08-13 09:47Remove noisy font errors.Azriel Hoh1+11-9
2018-08-13 09:47Reset game play result at the beginning of game play state.Azriel Hoh1+2-0
2018-08-13 09:39Stop playing music when game stops.Azriel Hoh1+3-0
2018-08-13 09:38Fixed fallback audio path.Azriel Hoh1+2-57
2018-08-13 02:58Added maps and map iconspimmoeskops17+66-16
2018-08-12 23:47Fix astronautThéo Degioanni1+0-0
2018-08-12 23:43Make him run!Théo Degioanni13+152-10
2018-08-12 20:34Added remove IDs.Azriel Hoh1+2-0
2018-08-12 20:32Added a few beat points to test map.Azriel Hoh1+54-0
2018-08-12 20:34Level ending and removal of gameplay elementsJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)4+37-13
2018-08-12 20:09Fixed scene.ron file.Azriel Hoh1+2-2
2018-08-12 20:10Add beatpoint loadingJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+21-0
2018-08-12 19:53Merge branch 'master' ofël Lupien (Jojolepro)11+150-31
2018-08-12 19:53Added prefab processorJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+7-1
2018-08-12 16:06Merge branch 'master' ofël Lupien (Jojolepro)8+227-21
2018-08-12 16:06Player movement wipJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+50-16
2018-08-12 15:08Camera now follows the player according to hpJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+5-2
2018-08-12 14:59Level exampleJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)3+45-9
2018-08-12 14:48Merge branch 'master' ofël Lupien (Jojolepro)7+114-10
2018-08-12 14:48Fixed camera and level loadingJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)10+93-89
2018-08-12 10:47Add beat point sprites dynamically per beat point.Azriel Hoh3+60-52
2018-08-12 09:54Added random beat points to map.Azriel Hoh11+209-39
2018-08-12 07:59Fixed typo in fallback audio.Azriel Hoh1+1-1
2018-08-12 07:59Rustfmt on gameplaystate.Azriel Hoh1+12-12
2018-08-12 07:54Trivial: whitespace fix.Azriel Hoh1+1-1
2018-08-12 07:47Merge with azriel's changesThomas Schaller4+176-10
2018-08-12 07:43Play music when the map is loadedThomas Schaller4+45-2
2018-08-12 06:41Prevent runtime crash because `BeatPoint` component isn't registered.Azriel Hoh1+3-0
2018-08-12 06:29Corrected sprite render prefab location in scene.ron.Azriel Hoh1+1-5
2018-08-12 06:01Fixed scene fileJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+10-7
2018-08-12 05:36Halfway through working out scene loading errors.Azriel Hoh3+12-5
2018-08-12 05:02Black magic to make sprite prefabs load.Azriel Hoh1+139-66
2018-08-12 04:25Attempt to fix sprite prefab loadingAzriel Hoh2+65-16
2018-08-12 03:56Fixed test beatmap file.Azriel Hoh3+9-8
2018-08-12 04:00Beatpoints are now buildable from prefabsJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)2+27-3
2018-08-12 03:43Trying to understand prefabsJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)5+211-37
2018-08-12 01:53minor cleanupJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)3+3-7
2018-08-12 01:23Scene loading impl. Todo: map + scene filesJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)13+84-47
2018-08-12 00:33Merge branch 'master' ofël Lupien (Jojolepro)11+302-6
2018-08-12 00:33Map loading integrationJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)6+20-8
2018-08-11 21:31Score button logicThéo Degioanni4+79-12
2018-08-11 20:15IS THAT ENOUGH BOILERPLATE FOR YOU???Théo Degioanni14+302-86
2018-08-11 14:44A fantastic score screenThéo Degioanni12+413-2
2018-08-11 09:30Added an entity for a player.Azriel Hoh1+28-1
2018-08-11 07:34Added pause / unpause to `GamePlayState`.Azriel Hoh1+19-1
2018-08-11 07:29Added state specific dispatcher to `GamePlayState`Azriel Hoh1+43-10
2018-08-11 06:46Switch to GamePlayState when beatmap is selected.Azriel Hoh12+166-58
2018-08-11 04:45Partial implementation of player movementJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)5+67-3
2018-08-11 03:47More gameplay result infoJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)5+19-2
2018-08-11 03:28rustfmtJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)15+147-121
2018-08-11 03:27Merge branch 'master' ofël Lupien (Jojolepro)4+127-62
2018-08-11 03:27Added input handling and camera offsetsJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)12+178-7
2018-08-11 01:59Fixed loading pathJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+1-1
2018-08-11 01:44Added map selection, game play, and score states.Azriel Hoh5+162-13
2018-08-11 01:47Fixed not compilingJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+1-1
2018-08-11 01:43Fixed minor issue with map name listingJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+1-0
2018-08-11 01:36BeatMap loadingJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)11+158-4
2018-08-10 21:38Merge branch 'master' ofël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+115-0
2018-08-10 21:38Fix gitignoreJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)1+2-0
2018-08-10 20:19Forgot something stupidThéo Degioanni1+3-2
2018-08-10 20:00Implement logic for controls changingThéo Degioanni3+93-0
2018-08-09 22:33Prefabs utilities courtesy of RhuaghThéo Degioanni5+111-23
2018-08-09 19:31Add amethyst-rhusics to the toolsetThéo Degioanni2+252-0
2018-08-09 16:54More tweakingThéo Degioanni3+11-12
2018-08-09 16:30Remove submoduleThéo Degioanni17+1733-1
2018-08-09 16:24Fix stuffThéo Degioanni3+49-16
2018-08-09 15:38Game skeleton preparedJojolepro29+224-140
2018-08-09 15:10Added amethyst-extra and base gameJojolepro12+78-286
2018-08-09 14:36Add amethyst-extraThéo Degioanni2+277-4
2018-08-09 14:23Prepare the repoThéo Degioanni433+390847-1
2018-08-08 22:18Initial commitJoël Lupien2+203-0