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2020-08-25 19:43not sure what I didJoël Lupien (Jojolepro)11+7664-0
2018-10-09 17:40no need for a double codeblock (#6)Haroen Viaene1+6-2
2014-10-24 16:28Updated instructions for Ubuntu 14.04.1Simos Xenitellis1+31-7
2014-03-26 15:16Merge pull request #4 from izidormatusov/masterSimos Xenitellis3+27-48
2010-07-14 17:12Added comment for python-setuptoolsSimos Xenitellis1+3-0
2010-06-20 20:24Fixed #16: os.spawnl() may fail, using os.system()Simos Xenitellis2+6-2
2010-06-20 20:21Updated README fileSimos Xenitellis1+5-4
2009-05-18 23:03Added check if antlr3 python runtime is not installedSimos Xenitellis1+8-0
2009-05-18 23:02Added example on running antlrSimos Xenitellis1+8-1
2009-02-17 17:16Updated antlr compilation lineSimos Xenitellis1+1-1
2009-02-17 17:15Revert "Updated copyright line"Simos Xenitellis1+1-1
2009-02-17 17:08Updated copyright messageSimos Xenitellis1+1-1
2009-02-17 17:07Added informative message when Antlr generated files are missingSimos Xenitellis1+8-3
2009-02-17 17:07Updated copyright lineSimos Xenitellis1+1-1
2009-01-20 21:45Add instructions on compiling grammar filesSimos Xenitellis1+2-0
2009-01-20 21:37Added TODO fileSimos Xenitellis1+2-0
2009-01-20 21:08Updated README, renamed KeyboardLayoutEditor[.py]Simos Xenitellis2+6-3
2009-01-20 21:02Fixed directory for xkeyboard-config to /usr/share/X11/Simos Xenitellis1+1-1
2009-01-20 20:57Fixed directory for xkeyboard-config to /usr/share/X11/Simos Xenitellis1+1-1
2009-01-20 20:55Changed xkeyboard-config default directory to /usr/share/X11/...Simos Xenitellis1+1-1
2009-01-20 20:50Change permissions to +xSimos Xenitellis1+0-0
2009-01-20 20:44Reordered files, merged to singly directory for git migration.Simos Xenitellis71+0-5807
2008-12-19 13:42Added preliminary country option per layout.simos.lists3+32-5
2008-09-30 16:20Find the application home directory, and use when referencing other package files.simos.lists3+13-4
2008-09-30 15:58When exporting to XKB, add comment to each 'key' line, that shows the respective Unicode values.simos.lists1+14-7
2008-09-30 15:56Handle AttributeError exception, when settings TOKEN_KEYsimos.lists1+5-3
2008-09-30 15:55Small beautification of tooltips.simos.lists1+3-3
2008-09-10 18:21Commented out print statements (debug).simos.lists3+27-26
2008-09-09 11:24Sync.simos.lists3+371-0
2008-09-08 02:45Fixes issue #10,
2008-09-08 02:37Change the keyboard background colour to something darker, so that keys are more visible between each other.simos.lists1+3-0
2008-09-07 14:08Version/date bump; testing subclipse features.simos.lists1+2-2
2008-09-07 14:05Initial import of source code.simos.lists44+31965-0
2008-09-07 13:59Initial import.simos.lists0+0-0
2008-07-02 15:12Script that creates a dict with keycodes and valuessimos.lists1+121-0
2008-07-02 12:15Completed keycode grammar; outputs full input file correctlysimos.lists1+123-0
2008-07-02 12:15Completed keycode grammar; outputs full input file correctlysimos.lists1+1-1
2008-06-29 18:12Added grammar to parse keycodessimos.lists3+213-0
2008-06-20 22:24Keycode name is parsed oksimos.lists8+112-101
2008-06-20 14:45Minor updatessimos.lists3+16-10
2008-06-19 21:25XKB<->XML, now write to filessimos.lists2+45-34
2008-06-19 20:41Updated schema, name in layout may not specify groupsimos.lists5+224-212
2008-06-19 20:33Updated scripts, grammar, schemasimos.lists12+616-527
2008-06-19 17:53Updated scriptssimos.lists11+329-295
2008-06-18 22:33Simplified grammar per IRC sessionsimos.lists8+910-1599
2008-06-18 21:05Updated convert xkb to xmlsimos.lists1+22-0
2008-06-18 19:53Updated convert xkb to xmlsimos.lists6+59-24
2008-06-18 18:48Additional updatessimos.lists6+710-726
2008-06-18 16:51Updated schemasimos.lists4+188-63
2008-06-11 23:22Schema validates (trang)simos.lists1+43-47
2008-06-11 21:43Updated schema, removed wrong nssimos.lists1+1-1
2008-06-11 21:42Updated schema, rearranged <start>simos.lists1+12-12
2008-06-11 18:27Updated schemasimos.lists1+80-38
2008-06-11 14:03Updated schemsimos.lists1+74-68
2008-06-11 13:27Added initial schemasimos.lists1+102-0
2008-06-11 11:59\overlay gives warning on walker, but AST is finesimos.lists9+2200-1759
2008-06-08 21:11Initial import of Compose grammarsimos.lists3+145-0
2008-06-05 12:13Updated; parses all but the /overlay/ bitssimos.lists10+1081-985
2008-05-31 19:07Before expanding on virtualModssimos.lists8+1383-1014
2008-05-28 21:15Updated grammar to cover some more rare casessimos.lists8+971-799
2008-05-21 01:40Now override key works, also keypad_keys is fine.simos.lists9+867-730
2008-05-20 23:13Now we work with multiple groups within a keysimos.lists9+825-625
2008-05-20 20:56Now type[] works locally inside key<>simos.lists10+825-693
2008-05-20 19:35Added generic tree printing scriptsimos.lists1+68-0
2008-05-20 19:34Now works with layouts that have one section only; added top key, LAYOUTsimos.lists9+554-524
2008-05-18 15:28Names can not have +- in them (for inet)simos.lists6+51-51
2008-05-17 22:350.7 - Can parse tree and print original filesimos.lists8+1422-615
2008-05-15 21:350.6 - Tree generation good, also quoted strings are good.simos.lists7+476-492
2008-05-15 21:080.5 - Tree generation is gosimos.lists7+329-302
2008-05-15 18:19Updated Walker, version 0.4simos.lists8+996-1098
2008-05-14 21:04Initial tree generationsimos.lists10+1296-1732
2008-05-09 21:11Minor fixessimos.lists7+1134-981
2008-05-09 12:02Grammar now outputs generic input file + fixessimos.lists6+319-277
2008-05-09 11:060. Grammar now outputs generic input file.simos.lists5+4-4
2008-05-09 11:03Updated grammarsimos.lists6+1127-1234
2008-05-08 00:23Minor updatesimos.lists0+0-0
2008-05-08 00:19Now can parse, then print most layout filessimos.lists9+1035-862
2008-04-30 21:46Initial importsimos.lists9+3192-0
2008-04-07 21:38Initial directory structure.(no author)0+0-0