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Author: Simos Xenitellis <>
Date:   Tue, 20 Jan 2009 21:08:07 +0000

Updated README, renamed KeyboardLayoutEditor[.py]

README mentions that the user needs to process the *.g files.
Removed .py extension from main program.

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diff --git a/ b/KeyboardLayoutEditor diff --git a/README b/README @@ -1,7 +1,9 @@ This is the Keyboard Layout Editor, a pygtk program that helps create or edit XKB keyboard layouts. This is the version that has been submitted to the GSoC xorg project; you can find the latest version -at +at + +The home page of the Keyboard Layout Editor is You are strongly encouraged to use the version that is found at the above URL, @@ -24,8 +26,9 @@ Choose the appropriate *.egg file for the 3.1 version, then type sudo easy_install antlr_python_runtime-3.1-py2.5.egg -This should to the installation for you. +You need to process the ANTLR grammars in order to generate the necessary Python code. +All *.g files should be processed with ANTLR. You run this program with -./ +./KeyboardLayoutEditor