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You are normal! + +Society has been and is still going down a route where we trade personal control +in favor of comfort and ease. + +Economically, it makes sense to do so. Specialization is more efficient than +doing everything yourself. So, it makes sense to give up control over mundane +tasks so you can focus on other things taking a lot of time. + +Why spend hours each day preparing food, washing clothes and gardening when you +can have society do it for you and instead put in less hours of work in a +specialized job? + +From a cold, logical perspective, it makes perfect sense. +Specialization, under this model, *creates* time. + +However, this works because of a few assumptions. +First of all, you expect that you will always be able to convert your hours of +work into real, tangible material items or services. +Secondly, you expect that the hours you put into the specialized job will be +lower than the hours you would have to put to get what you want. +Finally, specialization exists primarily for the same reason economics theories +exist; because we are trying to resolve a problem of satisfying infinite desires +with limited resources. + +We will explore those in the rest of this essay. +One final remark before we dive in: If specialization creates time, why do we +still *feel* like we have less and less of it? + + +Desires +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +- the economy of desires +- economics, satisfying infinite desires with limited resources +- the creation of desires, too much desires to satisfy them all +- having less desires makes it so you can satisfy those that are important + +As said in the previous chapter, the economy tries to solve the problem of +satisfying infinite desires with limited resources. + +It does so without changing the conditions of the problem. + +Society encourages following your desires. It makes sense, its good for +business. They get to sell you things. Everything works, kind of, for a while, +at least until we run out of resources. + +I'm not saying we should repress our desires, but that we should choose with +more care which one we want to pursue. +Effectively, by not pursuing infinite desires, we are changing the rules of the +game. + +North western society is plagued by an epidemy of desires. Most people want so +much things that they can't ever satisfy all of them. Such people keep wanting +and wanting, which prevents them from being properly happy for what they have. + +What has to be done is painfully obvious: focus on your primary desires and stop +pursuing those that are not worth your time and attention. +Not doing this has for consequence something affecting society at an +unprecedented scale: a loss of autonomy. + +Autonomy +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +In computer science, there are two very important and simple concepts that +indicate very strongly the quality of a program. +Cohesion and coupling. +Programs are composed of multiple semi-independent units + +- coupling and cohesion, two very well known concepts in computer science. +- giving up power for comfort +- you can't be fully autonomous, its a best effort and always has been +- making lists of long term desires +- making lists of tasks that are in line with your long term desires +- knowledge, the reward of free time +- autonomy, the reward of organisation +- you should ask for help when you need it, but also avoid depending on others +- simplicity kill efficiency of complexity. +- simplicity is absolutely awesome for solving problems. (if your problem aren't +overly complex) +- stoicism: if you don't have control over it, don't worry about it. +- stoicism: if you *do* have control and are worrying, plan action. +- society's services survival is out of your control. your survival is. diff --git a/src/focks/index.txt b/src/focks/index.txt @@ -0,0 +1,98 @@ +Focks Development Team +================================================================================ +Welcome! +This is the home page of the Focks Development Team! + +We are programmers dedicated to high quality, minimalist software and libraries. + +Values +================================================================================ +- Minimalism: Reduce the number of user-facing api to a maximum. +- Testing: Every public function is tested. +- Safety: Usage of unsafe is reserved as a last-resort option only. +- Learnability: Everything is documented. Examples are available. +- Compatibility: Compatible and tested with a maximum number of platforms. + +Licensing Choice +================================================================================ +Since making very high quality software takes time, we think it is fair that +people should give something back. + +We consider that giving back can be done in two main ways: +- Contributing code to the open source community +- Monetary donations + +However, we observed over and over again that people and corporation alike tend +to avoid giving back to the community. As such, we decided on an hybrid model: +- Use the AGPL license, so users are strongly encouraged to contribute code +back. +- Offer commercial licenses, as a replacement for monetary donations. + +Each repository of the focks project contains a file called "AUTHORISED_USERS". +This file contains the list of people/corporations allowed to *use* the +library/software in their non-GPL compatible project. + +The maintainer of each library has the choice to opt-in this hybrid model and +decide on the pricing when the project joins the group. By default, only the +AGPL-3.0 license is used. The maintainer of each library is free to authorise +any users without payment even under the hybrid model. + +Pricing +================================================================================ +Here is the pricing of commercial licenses for each library that has them. +All prices are USD and can change over time. Licenses are permanent so the price +you buy them at is the final price. + +Game Clock: 5$ + + +Payment +================================================================================ + +1) Send an email with the list of software/libraries you are buying licenses for +and the name under which the license will be used +(your name, username or company name; only one) to +jojolepro [at] jojolepro [dot] com + +2) Make the sum of prices +3) Send the corresponding amount in bitcoin to this address: +15NDruDUDr3KaMjt87BvUJaayEzy5c765Z +4) An invoice will be sent to you within 48 hours. Your name will be added to +the authorised users list of each project. + +If you want to use some other payment processor, contact us! + +FAQ +================================================================================ +Q: I am doing a project under the Apache 2.0/MIT license. Can I use the projects +without a commercial license? +A: No, you need a license. + +Q: I am doing a project under a GPL-compatible license. Can I use the projects +without a commercial license? +A: Yes! + +Q: I bought a license to use the projects in my Apache 2.0/MIT library. Are +users required to also buy a license. +A: Only if your library exposes publicly the project's api. If your library uses +the project only internally, users are not required to buy a license. + +Q: If I use a focks project with a commercial license in my project, what +license is it under? +A: The focks project will still be under AGPL 3.0. The commercial licenses only +give the right to use the project in non-GPL compatible projects and removes the +requirement to disclose the source code. + +Q: How long are licenses valid? +A: Forever. + +Q: Can commercial licenses be revoked? +A: Yes, but only if you breached an AGPL term that we didn't give you the +authorisation to breach. (for example: copyright terms) + +Q: This seems all a bit... informal/unclear/open to interpretation. +A: Listen, we just want people to contribute back. We don't want to spend our +time and resources on legal issues. Just do the right thing. + +Q: I want to join the team/I want to contribute or maintain a project. +A: Great! Send us an email! diff --git a/src/quotes/index.txt b/src/quotes/index.txt @@ -1,5 +1,8 @@ -Ridiculous arguments or quotes from everyday life. +Ridiculous arguments or quotes from everyday life. Sometimes intelligent stuff. ================================================================================ +2020-09-17: +The most common addiction in the world is the draw of comfort. It wrecks +dreams and breaks people. 2020-08-23: Is prostitution a day job? 2020-06-18: