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diff --git a/src/projects/altcom1.png b/src/projects/altcom1.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/src/projects/altcom2.png b/src/projects/altcom2.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/src/projects/altcom3.png b/src/projects/altcom3.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/src/projects/altcom4.png b/src/projects/altcom4.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/src/projects/altcom5.png b/src/projects/altcom5.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/src/projects/altcom6.png b/src/projects/altcom6.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/src/projects/amethyst1.png b/src/projects/amethyst1.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/src/projects/amethyst2.png b/src/projects/amethyst2.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/src/projects/b2l1.png b/src/projects/b2l1.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/src/projects/gamefeatures1.png b/src/projects/gamefeatures1.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/src/projects/heartcore1.png b/src/projects/heartcore1.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/src/projects/hoppinworld1.png b/src/projects/hoppinworld1.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/src/projects/index.txt b/src/projects/index.txt @@ -1,12 +1,32 @@ -List Of Active/Completed Projects +Most Notable Projects ================================================================================ +For longer descriptions of those projects, scroll down to the description +section. + +- +- Amethyst Engine +- Back2Life +- Game Features +- Heart Core +- Hoppin World +- Minigene +- Plank ECS +- ScalEngine +- Shotcaller + +List Of All Active or Completed Projects +================================================================================ + +These projects, if not included in the Most Notable Projects section, *may* be +found in my portfolio with a description and pictures. + Table Of Content: +- AVX Hasher - -- Astar - Amethyst Engine - Amethyst-Extra -- AVX Hasher +- Astar - Back2Life - Cryptocurrency Investing Automation - Database Hasher @@ -14,65 +34,259 @@ Table Of Content: - Easy Colval - Endless Worlds - Game Features -- hAlF cApS +- Half Caps - Half Matrix - Heart Core - Hoppin World - Inventory Managoat -- Minigene -- Osu Practice -- Photon Incremental +- Kiss CommandLine Repository - Laminar Proxy (Packet Rerouter) +- Minigene - Partial Function -- Scal Engine +- Photon Incremental +- Plank ECS - -- Specs WASM +- Scal Engine +- Shotcaller - Specs Declaration - Specs Physics -- Kiss CommandLine Repository +- Specs WASM +- WASM Web Workers - WebSocket Actix Receiver -- Web Workers -- World Digger Mobile - World Digger Ascii +- World Digger Mobile - World of the Focks God List Of Prototypes ================================================================================ +The description of those projects can be found in the respective git +repositories at + Table Of Content: - Airplane Incremental +- Atmospheres Barrier - Backend Utils - Blazing Net +- Clicker Strike Globally Overpowered +- Clicker Strike Globally Overpowered Scala - Crazy Fall - Dash Raid - Dyna Maze +- Facebook Friend Bot - Gravity Balls +- Hurtworld Plugins +- Image Gen - Key Fall +- Lifer +- Ludumdare 42 +- Ludumdare 43 +- Ludumdare 44 - Musi Maze -- PersonSim -- Taiko-Copy -- World Digger Amethyst -- Image Gen -- Facebook Friend Bot - Operation Mudkir +- Osu Practice +- PersonSim - Planet Digger Bot - Poker Bot -- Tower Babel Bot -- Clicker Strike Globally Overpowered -- Clicker Strike Globally Overpowered Scala -- Hurtworld Plugins -- Lifer - SCP EEE -- Traveller Inc -- Unity Resources -- Atmospheres Barrier -- Ludumdare 42 -- Ludumdare 43 -- Ludumdare 44 - Spatial Flyer +- Taiko-Copy - Throw Your Balls Out +- Tower Babel Bot +- Traveller Inc - Ultra Jumper +- Unity Resources +- World Digger Amethyst - Arduino Projects - Dozen of others :) +Short Note +================================================================================ + +As you can easily notice, I made a *lot* of projects. +Most of them were never completed and probably never will be. +In the past, I used to dream big but change projects a lot, while nowadays +I aim at doing smaller projects with a very high focus on quality and +completion. + +Descriptions of Notable Projects +================================================================================ + +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +Description: A website collecting statistics about people playing on dedicated +game servers. It provides statistics, achievements and a shop where you can buy +items from points bought or collected from unlocking achievements. +Technologies: +- PHP +- Laravel +- Paypal API +- Gnu/Linux LAMP + Postfix +- C# +- Oxide Mod API +- Reverse Engineering +Time Spent: Thousand hours. +Git: - (Commercial) +Images: +./altcom1.png +./altcom2.png +./altcom3.png +./altcom4.png +./altcom5.png +./altcom6.png +Videos: + + +Amethyst Engine +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +Description: A 3D ECS based open source game engine. I have been a lead +developer for multiple years. +Technologies: +- Rust +- OpenGL +- Vulkan +Time Spent: Thousands of hours. +Git: +Images: +./amethyst1.png +./amethyst2.png +Videos: + + +Back2Life +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +Description: 3D Multiplayer First Person Shooter game experiment. Has most core +features you expect from a modern FPS: Weapon spray, recoil, fire modes, +fire rate, ammo count, dynamic movement, animations, etc... +Technologies: +- Java +- JMonkeyEngine +- Custom Networking Code +Time Spent: 250+ hours. +Git: +Images: +./b2l1.png +Videos: + + +Game Features +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +Description: A collection of generic and *extremely* reusable features for +games. Contains the core logic that will fit with most games, starting from +extremely simple platformers all the way to complex MMORPG. Contains an +extensive inventory and item system, as well as spells, skills, levels, stats +and much more! +Technologies: +- Rust +Time Spent: 50+ hours. +Git: +Images: +./gamefeatures1.png +Videos: - + +Heart Core +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +Description: 2D platformer game made during a game jam. +Going through a variety of puzzles to complete while surviving dangerous +threats, you must survive and evolve your cybernetic core into something more... +living. +This game won us the third place in the competition. +Technologies: +- C# +- Unity Engine +Time Spent: 26 hours (solo), 182 hours (team's combined time). +Git: - (No permission to share code from the team members.) +Images: +./heartcore1.png +Videos: + + +Hoppin World +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +Description: 3D “bunny hopping” game. At the core, it is a platformer game +with a twist. Your base speed is slow, but you can get to very high speeds by +performing what is known as “air-strafing”. This is done by pressing the +movement key perpendicular to the direction vector, and moving the mouse in +that direction. (see showcase video.) +A full rewrite is underway using the Amethyst Engine. +Technologies: +- C# +- Unity Engine +- Rust +- Amethyst Engine +- Blender +Time Spent: 500+ hours (three rewrites) +Git: +Images: +./hoppinworld1.png +Videos: + + +Minigene +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +Description: A game engine specialized in 2d ascii and tiled games. +A heavy focus is given on prototyping speed and simplicity. +Technologies: +- Rust +- Plank ECS +- Amethyst +- Bracket Lib +- WASM +Time Spent: 100+ hours. +Git: +Images: +./minigene1.png +./minigene2.png +./minigene3.png +./shotcaller1.png +Videos: - + +Plank ECS +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +Description: An entity-component-system library with a very heavy focus on +simplicity, performance, safety and learnability. At the time of writing, it is +the second fastest Rust ECS, while having approximately 1000 lines of code. +It is also the safest ECS: it has only two or three unsafe operations (compared +to the usual 200 of other libraries). It is also the only ECS library where all +public functions are tested and/or benchmarked. +Technologies: +- Rust +Time Spent: 100+ hours. +Git: +Images: - +Videos: - + +ScalEngine +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +Description: 3D Game engine written in Scala. Originally actor based +(Akka framework), then ECS (Entity-Component-System) based. +Though it was never completed, the engine had 3d text and model rendering, a 3d +.obj loader, a fly camera (first-person) and Bullet based physics. +Technologies: +- Scala +- OpenGL +- Akka +- Bullet +Time Spent: 500+ hours. +Git: +Images: - +Videos: + +(It might look horrible, but the features are there. You can see I'm no artist.) + +Shotcaller +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +Description: An RTS / MOBA game with multiple frontends: ASCII-rendered or +tiles-rendered. +Technologies: +- Rust +- Minigene +- Plank ECS +Time Spent: 100+ hours. +Git: +Images: +./shotcaller1.png +Videos: + + diff --git a/src/projects/minigene1.png b/src/projects/minigene1.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/src/projects/minigene2.png b/src/projects/minigene2.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/src/projects/minigene3.png b/src/projects/minigene3.png Binary files differ. diff --git a/src/projects/shotcaller1.png b/src/projects/shotcaller1.png Binary files differ.