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Author: Sebastian Steinhauer <>
Date:   Wed, 22 Oct 2014 09:28:44 +0200

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Updated man page again.
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diff --git a/cgo.1 b/cgo.1 @@ -22,9 +22,6 @@ .Nd simple terminal based gopher client .Sh SYNOPSIS .Nm cgo -.Op Fl h Ar host -.Op Fl p Ar port -.Op Fl s Ar selector .Op Fl Hv .Op Ar gopher URI .Sh DESCRIPTION @@ -36,29 +33,20 @@ To show media like images, music, or web pages it relies on external programs you can specify. .Pp .Nm -means more or less, the "c go"pher client. -And c could stand for C (the programming language), colorful or console. +means, more or less, the "c go"pher client. +And c could stand for C (the programming language), colorful, or console. .Pp The options are as follows: .Bl -tag -width Ds -.It Fl h Ar host -Connect to the specified host, does not take gopher:// prefix. -Defaults to -.It Fl p Ar port -Connect to the specified port. -Defaults to 70. -.It Fl s Ar selector -Use this selector on startup. -Defaults to /. .It Fl H Show usage. .It Fl v Print version. .It Ar gopher URI -Opens the given gopher URI. +Open given gopher URI. .El .Pp -When "surfing" in the gopherspace, +When surfing gopherspace .Nm only presents directory listings. Every selector is preceeded by two ASCII characters. @@ -84,7 +72,7 @@ Reload current directory. .It Ar h Show history. .It Ar LINK -Show/jump to selector. +Jump to selector. .It Ar \.LINK Download selector. .It Ar hLINK @@ -96,11 +84,29 @@ Quit. .El .Pp LINK stands for the two colored letters in front of each selector. +.Sh CONFIGURATION +.Nm +reads /etc/cgorc and then ~/.cgorc for defaults. +If both files are missing, hardcoded defaults will be used. +The following configuration keys are recognized by +.Nm : +.Bl -tag -width Ds -compact -offset indent +.It start_uri +Gopher URI to display at launch. +.It cmd_text +Program to view text files. +.It cmd_browser +Program to view HTML links. +.It cmd_image +Program to view images. +.It cmd_player +Program to play audio files. +.It color_prompt +ANSI color sequence for the prompt. +.It color_selector +ANSI color sequence for selectors. +.El .Sh AUTHOR .Nm was written by .An Sebastian Steinhauer Aq Mt . -.Sh BUGS -.Nm -does not yet have a configuration file so external programs are hardcoded into -the binary.