Ridiculous arguments or quotes from everyday life. Sometimes intelligent stuff.
2022-12-06: I'm here to educate, not advocate. 2022-12-06: i thought canadians naturally shed their hair during winters 2021-06-19: I'm used to using my hands. Should I use my saliva? 2021-06-19: I think that the water we drink now is dinosaur pee. 2020-09-17: The most common addiction in the world is the draw of comfort. It wrecks dreams and breaks people. 2020-08-23: Is prostitution a day job? 2020-08-09: it's probably canadian megabits wayment :D 2020-06-18: dude we need to give birth 2020-05-10: even if you'd wash the bytes by hand in the woods, you'd be faster 2020-05-02: -No, think and stop entering any random command you find. >How am I supposed to think? 2020-04-23: -How minimalist are you? >I'm minimalist good, and how are you? -The states are not controlled by religion. -The issue with religion is not the principles in themselves[...] -That was a Kev moment. t. kev's teammate.