Descriptions of Most Notable Projects
Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 & DMZ
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile
Description: A website collecting statistics about people playing on dedicated game servers. It provides statistics, achievements and a shop where you can buy items from points bought or collected from unlocking achievements. Technologies: - PHP - Laravel - Paypal API - Gnu/Linux LAMP + Postfix - C# - Oxide Mod API - Reverse Engineering Time Spent: Thousand hours. Git: - (Commercial) Images: Videos:
Amethyst Engine
Description: A 3D ECS based open source game engine. I have been a lead developer for multiple years. Technologies: - Rust - OpenGL - Vulkan Time Spent: Thousands of hours. Git: Images: Videos:
Description: 3D Multiplayer First Person Shooter game experiment. Has most core features you expect from a modern FPS: Weapon spray, recoil, fire modes, fire rate, ammo count, dynamic movement, animations, etc... Technologies: - Java - JMonkeyEngine - Custom Networking Code Time Spent: 250+ hours. Git: Images: Videos:
Game Features
Description: A collection of generic and *extremely* reusable features for games. Contains the core logic that will fit with most games, starting from extremely simple platformers all the way to complex MMORPG. Contains an extensive inventory and item system, as well as spells, skills, levels, stats and much more! Technologies: - Rust Time Spent: 50+ hours. Git: Images: Videos: -
Heart Core
Description: 2D platformer game made during a game jam. Going through a variety of puzzles to complete while surviving dangerous threats, you must survive and evolve your cybernetic core into something more... living. This game won us the third place in the competition. Technologies: - C# - Unity Engine Time Spent: 26 hours (solo), 182 hours (team's combined time). Git: - (No permission to share code from the team members.) Images: Videos:
Hoppin World
Description: 3D “bunny hopping” game. At the core, it is a platformer game with a twist. Your base speed is slow, but you can get to very high speeds by performing what is known as “air-strafing”. This is done by pressing the movement key perpendicular to the direction vector, and moving the mouse in that direction. (see showcase video.) A full rewrite is underway using the Amethyst Engine. Technologies: - C# - Unity Engine - Rust - Amethyst Engine - Blender Time Spent: 500+ hours (three rewrites) Git: Images: Videos:
Description: A game engine specialized in 2d ascii and tiled games. A heavy focus is given on prototyping speed and simplicity. Technologies: - Rust - Plank ECS - Amethyst - Bracket Lib - WASM Time Spent: 100+ hours. Git: Images: Videos: -
Plank ECS
Description: An entity-component-system library with a very heavy focus on simplicity, performance, safety and learnability. At the time of writing, it is the second fastest Rust ECS, while having approximately 1000 lines of code. It is also the safest ECS: it has only two or three unsafe operations (compared to the usual 200 of other libraries). It is also the only ECS library where all public functions are tested and/or benchmarked. Technologies: - Rust Time Spent: 100+ hours. Images: - Videos: -
Description: 3D Game engine written in Scala. Originally actor based (Akka framework), then ECS (Entity-Component-System) based. Though it was never completed, the engine had 3d text and model rendering, a 3d .obj loader, a fly camera (first-person) and Bullet based physics. Technologies: - Scala - OpenGL - Akka - Bullet Time Spent: 500+ hours. Git: Images: - Videos: (It might look horrible, but the features are there. You can see I'm no artist.)
Description: An RTS / MOBA game with multiple frontends: ASCII-rendered or tiles-rendered. Technologies: - Rust - Minigene - Plank ECS Time Spent: 100+ hours. Git: Images: Videos:
List Of All Active or Completed Projects
Table Of Content: - AVX Hasher - - Amethyst Engine - Amethyst-Extra - Astar - Back2Life - Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 & DMZ - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile - Cryptocurrency Investing Automation - Database Hasher - Drop Your Balls - Easy Colval - Endless Worlds - Game Features - Half Caps - Half Matrix - Heart Core - Hoppin World - Inventory Managoat - Kiss CommandLine Repository - Laminar Proxy (Packet Rerouter) - Minigene - Partial Function - Photon Incremental - Plank ECS - - Scal Engine - Shotcaller - Specs Declaration - Specs Physics - Specs WASM - WASM Web Workers - WebSocket Actix Receiver - World Digger Ascii - World Digger Mobile - World of the Focks God
List Of Prototypes
Table Of Content: - Airplane Incremental - Atmospheres Barrier - Backend Utils - Blazing Net - Clicker Strike Globally Overpowered - Clicker Strike Globally Overpowered Scala - Crazy Fall - Dash Raid - Dyna Maze - Facebook Friend Bot - Gravity Balls - Hurtworld Plugins - Image Gen - Key Fall - Lifer - Ludumdare 42 - Ludumdare 43 - Ludumdare 44 - Musi Maze - Operation Mudkir - Osu Practice - PersonSim - Planet Digger Bot - Poker Bot - SCP EEE - Spatial Flyer - Taiko-Copy - Throw Your Balls Out - Tower Babel Bot - Traveller Inc - Ultra Jumper - Unity Resources - World Digger Amethyst - Arduino Projects - Dozen of others :)